The Dance Of The Illusion

by ·Y·

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500 copies on black vinyl, two ink silkscreened covers.
yyyy.bigcartel DOT com


released January 23, 2014

Recorded and mixed by ·Y·
Digital-analogue mastering by Nicolas Zúñiga
Cover and backcover illustrations by Teodoro Hernánez.




·Y· Barcelona, Spain

Minimal electronic duo based in Barcelona. Inspired by the dark sounds of coldwave, post punk and classic soundtracks as well as the early wave of 80s industrial music.

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Track Name: Awake
We dance like savages in wartime
While some of my dreams are whispered to your ear
We leave the ground to feel each other
And we'll prove this world is just a lie

Eternity together, rise and fall
When you build against the weather
you'll lose it all
A frequency that bonds us, no right nor wrong
The age of change is upon us

We'll die before surrender
We'll fight until they fall
We'll stand until they're gone away

Was it that long since we two met
Back when the lightness ruled again
Our love could be the shelter to the world

We'll die before surrender
We'll fight until they fall
Never surrender
We'll stand until they're gone away

So cold alone
We're just waking up again
Track Name: Illusion
As I wonder through my mind
All I've seen is an illusion
And I've crossed a 1000 lands
But I've lived an illusion

I'll hold the tears forevermore
From all these dreams that never stop
They feed from fears inside of man
Demand! Demand! Demand!

Within the light everything holds
From time to space to mind and soul
In darkest times you are the sun

As I watch you sleep tonight
Your face is blending with the stars
I search for dreams, I need to learn

The Illusion is fear
Track Name: The End
In order to survive
The morning left with luxurious disorder
And as I watch you leave to die
This words will rust
And time will drown forever

So I shall drink to those days when we had
The universe in our hands
I want to go back
One day I'll meet you in some moon
And we'll swallow all our youth
And we'll dance and dance like never

I'll take you through a path
To a place quite far
In the shelter of your village

To this day I still remember
The devil in your eyes
With so much love behind them
On this day find out who you are
While shivering in joy
And then fold it when you're conscious

I'll shout to the skies
And I'll drink to us but
I'll find it hard to reach out
In sound for your voice

Tonight is me and you
And the fire we grow
We would dance like no one could
And our dreams were one

You wonder why the world is reaching to the end.
Track Name: The Age Of Light
I've seen it all before
I've marched for years to war
I've watched the world collapse
Like giant towers

A world that's build to lie
What you feel can't be denied
The doors are open if your faith's in power

Feel it flowing inside
It's glowing in your eyes
The third one's just a little pine with water

I disconnect from pain
I'm not programmed to obey
The sense of not belonging
Is the force to find the truth

In no time tears collide
There's sorrow in your words
they turn to stone
The past will be your tomb

I defy the realms of truth
That feed our rotten lives
Buzzing on the streets of this illusion

Walking by my side
Children of the light
When the night surrounds us
We'll be clusters.